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Work Continuing On Restoration of Bodie Island Lighthouse At Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Bodie Island Lighthouse restoration, Alan Pitt photo.

It's easy to see a restoration project is under way with the Bodie Island Lighthouse at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Photo by Alan Pitt.

Work continues apace with the restoration of the Bodie Island Lighthouse at Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

In late February the restoration project really stood out as the entire top of the lighthouse was enveloped in a white “shroud” to allow work to continue on the historic landmark. According to the National Park Service, the “shroud,” "made of nylon reinforced weatherproof fabric, provides several protective measures which include capturing sand blasted materials to prevent them from being released into the environment and creating a work environment that is more protected from harsh weather conditions."

Work accomplished to date includes:

* Exterior scaffolding erection and shroud installation is 100% complete
* Interior scaffolding is 50% complete
* Mortar samples have been taken and sent out for analysis
* Metal sample patterns are being submitted
* Work on the negative air system is ongoing and will be in place before paint stripping work begins

Work to be accomplished next week:

* Interior wooden door repairs will begin
* Additional safety equipment and safety station are located on-site
* A security fence will be installed around the construction site (base of the lighthouse)
* Interior scaffolding will be completed
* Trim samples

The project is managed by the National Park Service in conjunction with restoration contractors, United Builders Group, LLC from New Bern, NC, the prime contractor, Progressive Contracting Company, Inc. from Edenton, NC, and the metal restoration work will be handled by Enberg Mold and Tool from Jacksonville, FL.


If you live in the area we'd love to have some photos sent to us of the restoration work in progress.
Photos can be e-mailed to me at [email protected]
Tim Harrison
Lighthouse Digest
P.O. Box 250
East Machias, ME 04630

Stopped at the Bodie Lighthouse today on my way back home to Va. I took some pics and will try to send them to you..... looking good!!!!!! I am so glad they are finally doing the work that has been long overdue!! They are also working on the outer buildings.

Does anyone know when the project is scheduled for completion? I am planning my wedding at Bodie Island in October and I'm starting to wonder if I need to select a different location. I'd imagine orange fencing and scaffolding don't make for pretty pictures :-)

Bridetobe, the Bodie Light project probably won't be completed this year. Other possible options, though, are the Ocracoke Light or the Cape Hatteras Light.

Of course, you could perhaps set a trend with orange fencing in weddings. Nice contrast, no?;-)

When the restoration is complete, will visitors be allow to clmb to the top?

I asked that question to several National Park Service employees at the Bodie Island restoration project site this past Monday (0712/10). They confirmed that the final objective of the restoration calls for the tower to be open for visitors to climb but estimate another 18 months to two years are needed before that goal is reached.

Does anyone know how to get hold of architectural plans of the lighthouse? I'm building a model of it

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