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National Park Mystery Photo 20: What Curious Thing Is This?

Where might you find this object in the National Park System? National Park System file photo.

Time is reflected in the worn profile of this animal, that much is obvious. But where in the National Park System can you set your eyes upon it?


For some strange reason, all I can see of this image is the tip of an ear (only a fraction of the photo is downloading) so I am going out on a limb and saying it's
BRIGHTY of the Grand Canyon (North Rim's Grand Canyon Lodge). I am probably WAY off but I thought I would take a stab at it! Ha Ha!

Nope, not Brighty, Connie.

Sorry Kurt, but like Connie, I'm only seeing part of the photo - the upper 5 or 6% (tip of an ear?) and the lower 5 or 6% (the snout?). So I'll take a really wild guess and say it's something prehistoric found in Arizona or Utah.

Scotty's Castle in Death Valley?

That's very odd, Dennis. Not sure why it's not fully loading. Others can see the entire image.

Another Internet mystery. That said, you're right about the top of an ear and part of a snout, but it's not prehistoric and it's not in Utah or Arizona.

Well, Anonymous, it's not "Scotty's Castle," but you are definitely heading in the right direction.

I, too, only see the top, so here goes: Yoda!

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