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Reader Participation Day: Which is Your Favorite National Seashore?


Though Cape Cod National Seashore is considered to be an "urbanized park," there are vestiges of wild dunescapes such as this one near Race Point. NPT file photo by Kurt Repanshek.

Which is your favorite national seashore, and why? Seems like a pretty straightforward question, no?

How tough can it be to answer?

After all, there are just a handful of national seashores: Cape Cod, Cape Hatteras, Cape Lookout, Point Reyes, Assateague Island, Canaveral, Cumberland Island, Fire Island, Gulf Islands, and Padre Island. And they all have a mix of sun, sand, surf and sea.

But don't they all have their own personalities, too? Assateague has its ponies, Cape Hatteras its off-road contingents, Cape Cod its somewhat urbanized setting.

Share your thoughts, which seashore is your favorite?


Cape Cod. Spent many a summer there. All the surrounding history and it's beauty is enough for me to give it the number one spot!

Cumberland Island! When we visited, we were about the only ones on the island. The beach was pristine. Seeing the wild horses on the beach was just beautiful.

Padre Island was also fantastic. We were foturnate enough to be there during a sea turtle release and it was wonderful watching all those turtles making their way to the ocean.

Unfair question since I've never been to any of them. :-( A planned trip to Cumberland Island a few years ago turned into an extended stay at Cape Romain NWR, Carolina Sandhills NWR, and Congaree NP. So much to see in South Carolina, we never made it to Georgia!

Plotting an impromptu trip to Padre Island in March, perhaps. I have a good friend that's a zoologist with Sea Turtle Inc. down there. March is a bit early to see much nesting, but should see a few turtles and an awful lot of birds.

Even though I grew-up in Massachusetts and spent my youth going to Cape Cod NS, Point Reyes is by from the best in the NPS. I was fortunate to be a camp council at the Environmental Education Center at Point Reyes and went to college in Petaluma so frequent day trips were a must. The lighthouse, the elk, the banana slugs and the amazing forest/ocean connection make for the most diverse seashore in the system!

Point Reyes National Seashore - has all the spiritual amenities to mend the soul.

I'm biased b/c I've only been to 2. I grew up on Long Island so I should say Fire Island, but there really is no competing w/ Cape Hatteras. It's so folksy and charming and despite the fact that everyone and their brother on the east coast goes to the Outer Banks, most of it is uncrowded and undeveloped. Let the tourists have Nags Head and Ocracoke - those in the know stick to Hatteras Island. The lighthouses...the rough surf...the sunrise over the Atlantic and sunset over the Pamlico... Ahh....

The Gulf Islands. I love camping on Perdido Key. I load my kayak with everything I need and paddle up the key till I find a nice spot. There several miles of uninhabited island to choose from. Fort Pickens is a nice day trip from the campsite, which was especially nice when the road to the fort was closed. I think it is open again now.

Cape Cod - years ago I worked for Provincetown Boston Airlines - when they folded, I found myself stranded in Hyannis in the winter & got a job with Harry F Johnson Landscaping, planting beach grass on the dunes in P-Town. February, whiteouts, C-O-L-D!!!!!!! But seeing the results these years later & remembering back at the experience I can't help but have fond memories of it all!!!!!

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