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Casa Grande Ruins National Monument Hosts 2nd Annual American Indian Music Fest This Weekend


Are you a snowbird enjoying the mild winters, if you could call them that, in Arizona? If so, you might want to head for Casa Grande Ruins National Monument this weekend for the Second Annual American Indian Musical Fest.

The festival, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, is designed to celebrate the "connection and continuity of prehistoric and current American Indian cultures through concert and demonstration."

Attend the festival and you'll be able to experience a blend of prehistoric and modern Native American instrumentation, music and dance. There also will be American Indian crafters and artisans engaged in authentic production of traditional and contemporary cultural items (available for purchase), as well as authentic American Indian foods.


Did the original Burns showing on PBS have a section about Frank "The Boss" Pinkley who was superintendent of Casa Grande from 1901-1940? It was a special feature on disk 4 of the DVD (Thanks, Netflix!). Amazing story.

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