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Winter Adventures in Yosemite National Park


The Yosemite Association is offering a full slate of winter activities in Yosemite National Park, such as snowshoeing. Photo by QT Luong,, used with permission.

Wintry backcountry treks. Capturing sunset in the Yosemite Valley on your camera. Learning more about the history of the iconic valley. These are some of the programs the Yosemite Association is offering from January through March for Yosemite National Park visitors.

Most of these outdoor adventures are perfect for the entire family (heading to the Ostrander Hut might be a bit much for young or anyone not in good physical shape). You can sign up for snowshoe hikes guided buy naturalists, help park rangers collect snow survey data, work on your photography skills, or learn about the history of the Yosemite Valley. These another other programs are being offered by the association from January through March.

A dozen field courses designed to appeal to a range of ages, interests and abilities are outlined in YA’s newly published January-March 2010 Outdoor Adventures catalog. These 1- to 3-day programs address a diverse range of subjects including photography, geology, animal tracks, cultural history, outdoor skills, astronomy and botany. You can download the catalog here: Or, you can call the association at 209-379-2321, ext. 17.

YA expects continued growth in private guided trips offered to groups and organizations, tailored toward their specific interests.

"If the dates for certain courses don’t fit with busy schedules or if a specific topic is appealing, we can customize a course exactly to your needs," said Pete Devine, YA Education Director. "This naturalist guide service is ideal for all types of groups, from friends and family vacations, to wedding parties or company meetings."

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