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Road to Cedar Breaks National Monument Closed For the Winter


It'll take a little sweat to enjoy this view at Cedar Breaks National Monument now that winter has closed the park road to traffic. NPS photo.

Cedar Breaks National Monument has one of the most colorful amphitheaters of the National Park System, but you're going to have to work a little bit to see it in the coming months as the road to the Utah monument has been closed by snow for the winter.

A storm that blew through central Utah on November 28 drifted over Utah 148 and Cedar Breaks Scenic Drive, and park officials don't plan to clear it until spring.

"We have reached that time of year when expected heavy snow accumulation and constant drifting of snow across the road have made it unsafe to keep the road open," said Superintendent Paul Roelandt.

While those roads are closed, once more snow falls and creates a thick base the monument will be open to cross-country skiers, snowshoers, and even snowmobilers. Trails for skiers and snowshoers will be marked along the monument's Alpine Pond Trail, and a snowmobile route also will be groomed.

To check on snow conditions, call the monument at 435-586-9451.

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