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National Park Mystery Photo 17: Well, It's Certainly Colorful


Well, without a doubt this is certainly a colorful photograph. But where in the National Park System can you capture the same image? Some of the fine artwork should help you narrow the answer down to a few thousand square miles and a dozen or so units.


I'd guess it's a ceiling fixture at Pecos Nat'l Monument.

Nope, it's not a ceiling fixture at "Pecos Nat'l Monument." It's not a ceiling fixture at Pecos National Historical Park, either. :o)

Grand Canyon Desert View Watchtower?

Charles just nailed it. Waytogo, Charles! We'll let the rest of you work on it a while longer. Anybody else know where this photo was taken?

Looks like the ceiling of the Watchtower at the Grand Canyon.

David Smith has also identified the mystery photo. Nicely done, David.

It is the Tower ceiling at Desert View, Grand Canyon National Park.

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