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A Dearth of Posts?


    I know, I know, things have been a little slow here at Traveler this week.
    My *real* job has been a tad demanding, the Yankees have been on TV (and whupped the BoSox last night!), and I was tied up this morning doing a live chat about national parks on Budget Travel Online. That was a lot of fun and showed to me that there's still an incredible amount of interest in the national parks, particularly from families with children of all ages.
    But don't worry. Things are going to get back to normal real soon, and I've got some posts that will stir the pot a bit. Heck, quite a few folks are stirring the pot these days over the Park Service's fee-happy ways.  Did you see the editorial in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette?
    While we agree that more money is needed to keep the parks in good condition and that Americans ought to be willing to pay reasonable user fees, we urge parks officials to avoid pricing themselves out of reach of low- and moderate-income Americans, the editors wrote.  
    That's a message that seems to be making the rounds.


Go, Yanks! Nice to see A-Rod popping another one into the stands last night. Will be interesting to see how much of a boost Clemens provides to their pitching staff.

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