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Climbers Killed In Grand Teton Fall


    Two climbers have died in a fall near the top of the Grand Teton in Grand Teton National Park. The two were reported missing yesterday. Rangers, who spotted their bodies this morning, speculate the two fell sometime on Sunday.
    Unsafe conditions from snow sloughing and rockfalls are delaying recovery of the bodies until at least early tomorrow morning.
    Park officials received a call Monday morning that the two were overdue from work after a planned weekend climb to the Enclosure. After that call, rangers learned there was a tent, thought to belong to the two, in the Meadows are of Garnet Canyon.
    By Monday afternoon rangers hiked and skied into Garnet Canyon to check on the tent. Finding it vacant, they continued to the Lower Saddle where they bivouacked overnight. This morning they continued on toward the Enclosure Couloir on the northwest flank of the Grand.
    The rangers on foot spotted one body below the Valhalla Traverse about 9:30 this morning, and the second was spotted in the same area about an hour later by rangers in a helicopter.
    The victims' names are being withheld until the bodies are recovered and identification can be confirmed.

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