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Campground Reservation System Crashes


    This is not a good start to the Memorial Day Weekend.
    The folks at Great Smoky Mountains National Park report that the national reservation system for the park systems' campgrounds crashed earlier today. As a result, all of Great Smoky's 10 developed campgrounds will operate on a first-come, first-served basis until the reservation system comes back to life. Those who already hold a valid reservation are OK, according to park officials.
    That's probably the case across the entire national park system.
    “Unfortunately, we do not have the capability to override the system and create a better way to deal with reservations at park sites. We know that this will cause an inconvenience to some of our visitors, and hope that the deficiencies in the National Recreation Reservation System will be corrected quickly, but at this time we have no indication of when that will be,” says Great Smoky Superintendent Dale Ditmanson.
    You can check the reservation site every now and then to determine when it comes back to life.

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