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Presidio Receives $15 Million Gift


    Apparently the folks who oversee the Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund could care less about the proposed National Park Centennial Initiative. Today brings word that the fund is sending a $15 million check over to the Presidio of San Francisco to help pay for a range of projects, including 24 miles' worth of trail improvements.
    The $10 million earmarked for trail work is contingent on the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy kicking in $7 million towards the work.

    "Our intention with this gift is to help ensure that the Presidio will be a place that is used and enjoyed by the entire community," Robert D. Haas told the San Francisco Chronicle. "Our national parks belong to all of us."
    Along with building trails, the money will help renovate the Rob Hill Campground and add six scenic overlooks to the park's grounds.

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