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National Park Week


    The entire national park system is in the news this week, as President Bush has designated April 22-29 as "National Park Week."
    Some might think it's a somewhat curious time to celebrate the parks with a week-long celebration, as school is still in session and so families can't easily visit the parks, and many of the northern Rockies parks are still cold and occasionally snowy, if not entering their mud season.
    Beyond that, why single out just one week a year to celebrate the parks? The 390 units of the national park system offer a diverse blend of natural and cultural history. They hold wonders for the searcher no matter what day of the year it is or what the weather might be.
    That said, if you have the time to escape to a park this week, and are wondering what might be in store, check out this site, as it provides a park-by-park rundown of activities.

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