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Arches Developing Climbing Regs


    It's been nearly a year since Dean Potter scaled Delicate Arch at Arches National Park in a display of renegade climbing that heaped some national condemnation upon his shoulders.
    And now Arches officials, who previously had no concrete regulations that prohibited such a climb, are working on developing such rules.
Archdelicate_copy     "We've decided to take a new look at our climbing policies, " says Laura Joss, the park's superintendent. “We’re asking for suggestions from the public about options regarding climbing activities in the park, as well as issues to be addressed.”
    According to a park release, issues identified so far include effects on natural and cultural resources, use of fixed hardware, designating climbing routes, development of approach trails, rock alteration, vegetation alteration, visual impacts and the effects of climbing on visitor safety and experiences.
    The comment period runs through May 4, next Friday. To offer your thoughts on what the climbing plan should include, go to this site.

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