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Happy Birthday Channel Islands


Chisscenic_copy_2    Another day, another birthday in the national park system. But while Channel Islands National Park turns 27 today, it's not the happiest of times in the young park's existence.
    Why, you ask? Because some in Congress are still squabbling over whether one of the islands in the chain that makes up the park should become a hunting preserve for the military. For the latest on this debate, surf over to Park Remark and read about the argument that broke out over that point during the House parks subcommittee's hearing last week into the Park Service's proposed FY08 budget.
    Politics aside, this park contains eight islands that, among other things, harbor what's said to be the largest seal and sea lion breeding colony in the United States. It can be the perfect backdrop for sea kayaking, backpacking, scuba diving or snorkeling.

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