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Paddling the St. Croix


Sacnscenic_copy     Running for 252 miles through parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin, the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway offers great opportunities for getting back into the landscape via canoe. The river doesn't pose any great challenges in terms of white-water, but rather offers an experience that takes you back 150 years or more to when river travel was a mainstay for fur trappers.
    Well, those who manage the St. Croix are proposing new regulations for camping along the river. For some insights and thoughts about that proposal, check out the dharma blog. Blogmeister Greg Seitz is planning a series of posts on this issue, so be sure to check back to see what's on his mind.



Thanks Kurt. The next part in the series should be posted today or tomorrow. I'm approaching it as a study of the specifics of this issue, but also taking the opportunity to examine some of the assumptions of the conservation movement and its opponents. Thanks again for the link!

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