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SCA to Help Rebuild Mount Rainier's Trails


    As I've noted in several posts the past month, Mount Rainier sustained vast amounts of damage from an early November storm, one that washed out roads, erased campgrounds, and had untold impacts on backcountry trails.
    To help the Park Service tackle the damage, which carries a $30 million cost estimate, the Student Conservation Association is planning to send crews into the park later this spring.
    “The direct impact to Mount Rainier was unprecedented in scope and severity,” says Rainier Superintendent Dave Uberuaga. “I look forward to working with SCA and formulating a strategic response that would engage the public, provide SCA interns with an incredible life experience, and help get Mount Rainier back on its feet (trails) again.”
    If you would like to join the SCA in heading to Rainier, keep an eye on the group's website for details. In the meantime, to download a remarkable 69-slide Power Point presentation on the damage in Rainier, check out this link.

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