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ATVs Blamed for Damage at Acadia


    Usually when I hear about ATV damage I immediately think of southern Utah, where off-road-vehicles run wild. But the latest incident comes from about as far east as you can go in this country without getting wet: Acadia National Park.
    A story out of Maine tells of how  ATVers ran rampant at the park's Seawall Campground, running over lighting fixtures along a pathway and repeatedly ramming a wall near the restrooms.
    Here's a snippet from the story:
    ATV riders have been causing damage to trails and vegetation, park officials said. Rangers have attempted to block some trails, but the riders have been riding around the obstacles, damaging young trees and plants along the way, Ranger Richard Rechholtz said.
    In some places, riders have created their own trails through the woods, he said.


Uh...The headline should read "ATV RIDERS Blamed for Damage at Acadia"...guns and ATVs don't kill people and cause park damage, respectively...PEOPLE kill people and cause park damage!

Another example, why we need to educate the public and teach are children the value that Aldo Leopold advocated...a reverence for the land called: land ethics!

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