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Mary's Heading West


    Mary's booked a trip to Mount Rainier to see firsthand the damage inflicted on the park last week by a torrential storm that sent the Nisqually River over its banks. In the process the river wiped out the Sunshine Point Campground and a good section of the Nisqually Road inside the park's southwest entrance.   
    No word as to whether she'll also try to visit Glacier, which suffered just as much, if not more, damage when nearly a foot of rain fell on that park and caused widespread flooding that washed out sections of the Going-to-the-Sun Road. However, she is planning to be in Casper, Wyoming, at mid-week to attend the Wyoming Business Alliance meetings. From there she's scheduled to head to Mount Rainier for a visit Friday.
    Now, I understand Glacier officials have asked the headquarters office in Washington for financial aid in repairing the storm damage. However, I'm also told that the Park Service has a somewhat limited amount of money -- several million dollars -- for such aid, and that money is only intended to pay for removing downed trees from roadways and restoring electrical service. Not sure where the money will come from to do the major road repairs both Glacier and Mount Rainier need.

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