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Favorite Parks: Round Two


    Well, here's a bit of a surprise.
    With the first round of balloting done in the polling for your favorite parks, the top-ranked park was not Yellowstone, it was not Yosemite, and it was not even Great Smoky. Nope, most of the 108 votes cast this past week gave the lead to Glacier, albeit narrowly.
    Glacier received 22.2 percent of the ballots, or 24 after rounding, while Yellowstone was right behind with 21.3 percent, or 23. Tied for third were Canyonlands and Yosemite, each with 13 percent, or 14 votes apiece.
    Those parks were followed by Great Smoky (7.4%), Rocky Mountain and Grand Canyon (6.5%), Death Valley (4.6%), and Acadia (3.7%). No one thinks much of Everglades, which received just 1.9 percent of the ballots to finish last.
    With those results, Glacier and Yellowstone will move into the finals, while a new poll opens today.

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