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Another Fatal Fall at Yosemite


Yosehalfdomehike_copy     There's been yet another fatal fall in Yosemite, which seems to have had more than its share of fatal accidents this year.
    On November 8th a 25-year-old New Mexico woman, Emily Sandall, was coming down Half Dome in overcast conditions when she lost her grip on the cables and fell an estimated 300 feet.
    Now, I don't know if you've ever been up Half Dome, but for those uncomfortable with heights it's a scary hike, more so, in my mind, than the trek to the top of Angel's Landing in Zion National Park.
    During the summer months the Park Service raises steel cables along the route to the top of Half Dome. By gripping these cables, and using the 2-by-4s laid down so you can get some purchase on the slick, steep route, you can make it to the top.
However, in October rangers take down the stanchions that support the cables at about waist-level to prevent the cables from being damaged by avalanches. Ms. Sandall and her companion were apparently on their way down from the top of Half Dome when she slipped on the wet rock and lost her grip on the cables, which were lying flat on the rock.

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