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Grand Teton Outlines Transportation Plan


    Grand Teton officials have released the final version of their Environmental Impact Statement that looks at implementing a new transportation plan for the park. The highlight of the park's preferred alternative is an intent to build about 42 miles of multi-use pathways for hiking, biking, walking, those kinds of things.
    Of that total, 23 miles will run from the park's south boundary to String Lake via North Jenny Lake Junction, and another 16 miles will extend between North Jenny Lake Junction and Colter Bay Village. If you've ever been to Grand Teton, you know how narrow the Teton Park Road is and how dangerous that makes it for cyclists. This will be a great addition.
    The plan also calls for realigning the Moose-Wilson Road in two areas and installing about 3 miles of pathway along the road from the Granite Canyon Entrance Station to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve.
    You can find a copy of this document at this website.

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