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Glacier, Yellowstone Fire Update


    There's a mix of fire behavior going on in Glacier and Yellowstone national parks, with the Red Eagle Fire in Glacier pretty much slowing down while Yellowstone's Magpie Fire is gobbling up more and more acreage.
    According to this morning's report the Red Eagle Fire covers about 32,000 acres on the east side of Glacier and is about 75 percent contained.
    Down in Yellowstone, though, the Magpie Fire has burned across 1,815 acres, up about 500 acres from late last week. While the fire isn't a direct threat to park visitors, it is churning out smoke that is creating haze and could be a bother to some folks.
    While the Glacier fire is being actively fought, the Yellowstone fire is simply being watched, as it's in the park's backcountry and poses no threat to visitors or structures.

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