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Paid Endorsements? Not Here.


    There's been a question posted to my review of Keen's Taos shoes as to whether the endorsement was paid for.
    Nope. Didn't get a dime.
    Now, from time to time I do get product samples to test, which is how I came upon the Taos. That said, just because something shows up in the mail doesn't mean I'm going to like it. Check out my review of National Geographic's National Parks mapping software. I didn't think it was the best on the market. Nor was I particularly high on MSR's MIOX purifier, or REI's Quarterdome tent. And I'm currently working on a piece about bug repellents, one that is not very flattering.
    So, while I can understand why some might wonder if my gear reviews are paid for, I can assure you they're not. (Although sometimes I wish they were. I could use the extra income....)
    That said, I hope folks who have tried these or other products will weigh-in with their thoughts. One review should not sell folks on a product. You've got to go out and try things for yourself to see if they'll meet your needs. I'm just trying to point you in the direction of things that I've found to work for me.


Good for you. I found this site several weeks ago and visit often. I would buy a product you like, mostly BECAUSE you don't get paid to endorse. My husband and I love going to the national parks and are distressed about what the government has been doing the last few years, cutting budgets and selling out to the zoom-zoom, blat-blat industries. We're getting too old to hike or ride horseback an entire day just to get away from the commercialization! Keep up the good work.

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