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GTLC Responds To Garbage Problem


    That was quick.
    Yesterday, roughly six hours after relating to Grand Teton National Park officials my experience with how Grand Teton Lodge Company crews handle garbage at the Colter Bay complex, word came back to me that the concessionaire was immediately going to modify how it handles garbage collection from its log cabins there.
    I raised the issue because Grand Teton biologists had to euthanize a 5-year-old black bear that had been dining on garbage that had become easily available at Colter Bay.
    While the park release put the blame on tourists, the fact that bagged garbage collected daily from the cabins is tossed onto the ground in front of the cabins for later collection couldn't have helped the matter.
    Now, let's just hope the concessionaire keeps its word and that park visitors do a better job of cleaning up after themselves. And don't be bashful about alerting rangers to garbage problems in the parks you visit.



This kind of thing always blows me away. Because of human stupidity, a wild creature becomes habituated and has to be put down - as just one more "problem" bear.

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