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19-Year-Old Lost in Grand Canyon


    Earlier this summer rangers in Olympic National Park conducted a fruitless search for a man who vanished on a day hike. Today in Grand Canyon National Park officials hope their efforts don't end the same way, but things aren't looking good.
    Nineteen-year-old Iryna Shylo, a Ukrainian citizen who was living in the park, vanished Sunday afternoon deep in the canyon near Hermit Rapid. Ms. Shylo was on an overnight hike into the canyon with a 40-year-old friend. According to her partner, the young woman disappeared about 2:30 p.m. Sunday when she went down to the river to go to the bathroom.
    After searching the area for most of the night, the man began hiking out Monday and ran into backcountry rangers. So far rangers have searched from the air and with a tracking team. The search is being concentrated downstream from Hermit Beach and in the Hermit and Monument drainages.
    Mid-July is not a good time to be lost in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, as temperatures easily surpass 100 degrees and there's little shade.


Something sounds suspicious about this 40 year old companion she had. I hope they find her.

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