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Woman Falls to Her Death in Yellowstone


    Just the other day the folks at Yellowstone National Park issued a press release to say that the park's spring opening had been accident-free. Well, the release was premature. Yesterday a 52-year-old Rockford, Michigan, woman fell to her death while apparently trying to get a better picture of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.
    Deborah Chamberlin, her husband and two children had stopped at an overlook just north of Tower Fall about 10 Saturday morning to take a picture. Her apparent mistake was stepping over a small rock retaining wall to get a better shot. Park officials say she lost her footing, slid down an embankment and fell about 500 feet over a cliff.
    When rangers got to the scene, one rappelled down to her body and determined that the fall had killed her.
    This is the second fatality in Yellowstone this year. Back in February a woman was killed in a snowmobile accident.


We were in just coming into the Park Saturday June 16 over the Beartooth Pass and heard the news of this death later the day. We heard people talking about the incident while we were at the lower falls, Friday June 23. It is simply another example of someone taking unnecessary risks for a picture. We saw all kinds of people walking right up to Buffalo and elk to talk pictures. A ranger also found a bunch of people getting out of their cars to take a picture of a Grizzly Bear crossing the road just a few feet away from them. It is really sad to see people taking such risks just to get a picture and losing their lives or getting harmed just for a picture. I know it is more "fun" to do it your self but there are some excellent books with fantastic pictures and information about the park and wildlife. Just read the rules and be smart and stay well.

it is amazing to see how many dumbasses there are out there, i do agree unecessary risks for a simple pic is very sad. next time maybe people should read the warnings posted all over the place saying don't cross.

I just returned home from Yellowstone.. I had heard of this prior to going.. I took video of people doing the same thing, same area -- what really shocked me was that not only did they do it they were dragging their young children out to the ledge for "a better look"!!!

No one knows what happens in any tragic situation unless you watched it happen


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