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Grand Canyon Visitor Dies In South Rim Fall


    Looking down into the Grand Canyon from the South Rim of the national park is a heady experience, one that can even induce a tinge of vertigo. Over the years, more than a few park visitors have fallen to their deaths from the South Rim, and apparently another has been added to the list.
    Grand Canyon National Park rangers discovered a body about 600 feet below the South Rim yesterday morning after a backpack was found near the rim. At this point there's been no update as to the name of the victim or what might have happened. Rangers planned to recover the body via a long-line recovery from a helicopter.
    The fall occurred at Maricopa Point, which is about one mile west of the Bright Angel Lodge.


We hate to hear these stories happen, especially when they can be prevented with common sense. We sell tours to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and we always remind our customers about the dangers. Brianna Dupress Grand Canyon Tours

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