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They Shoot Snowmobilers, Don't They?


    Feelings are running high over the ongoing Yellowstone National Park snowmobile issue. The other day someone emailed a joke about snowmobilers to John Sacklin, the park's winter use planner, and in a moment he no doubt wishes he could take back he forwarded it to three executives in the snowmobile industry.
    The gist of the joke was that since so much opposition has been voiced over killing Yellowstone's bison, perhaps there should be an annual "snowmobile hunt."
    Needless to say, that didn't generate laughs with some of the folks who learned Sacklin forwarded the email. While some asked for John's head, Yellowstone Superintendent Suzanne Lewis is standing behind him.
    You can read the entire story here.


John Sacklin should be removed from making any further decisions.

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