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Amorous Elk Loses Antlers


    If you're in a randy mood, fellas, you'd be wise to keep your testosterone in check if you visit Yellowstone National Park, lest rangers come after you with some clippers.
    Just ask elk No. 6. You see, it seems he was getting a bit too rambunctious during the fall rut, carrying on a bit roughly, charging visitors, and testing his antlers on some of the vehicles parked at Mammoth Hot Springs. He was causing so much trouble that park rangers tranquilized him the other day and lopped off his antlers to ensure he didn't do too much damage to visitors or property.
    By the way, this is the same animal that got a bit out of control during the rut a year ago, goring one visitor and charging a park employee, not too mention taking out his aggression on six vehicles. To quell his behavior that time rangers also cut off his antlers.

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