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Traveler's International Readership Expected to Show Dramatic Increases


The flag of Turkmenistan, home of one Traveler reader.

Monitoring readership is an important activity at Traveler. It is done regularly, and for a variety of reasons.  The total number of "reads" during given time intervals is obviously a matter of great interest.  It is helpful to know other things as well, such as how many people show interest in which articles or topics. 

Although geographic patterns of readership are not a salient concern, we do look at them, at least in a crude sort of way. We know, for example, that readers from 165 countries visited the Traveler website within the past 30 days.  That's a number we're proud of.

Honesty compels us to admit that our readership is spread very thinly in some of those 165 countries.  At the extreme, we tallied only one Traveler reader in each of 19 countries on the list.

Everything counts, though, and so we would like to thank our reader in each of the following countries:  Palestinian Territories, Zambia, Turkmenistan, Malawi, Myanmar, Burkina Faso, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Laos, Mozambique, El Salvador, Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, Bahamas, Dominica, New Caledonia, Montenegro, Haiti, Zimbabwe, and Republic of the Marshall Islands.

We would appreciate it if each of you 19 readers would recruit a friend or relative so we can report that Traveler readership has doubled in your country.

Traveler postscript: Of course, we'd also appreciate it if each of our domestic readers -- you know who you are -- would encourage a friend or relative to read the Traveler on a regular basis!

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I'd like to see an occasional Traveler feature article about national parks in other nations.

Lawrence, from time to time we do run stories on parks beyond U.S. borders -- last summer I wrote a bit about some Canadian parks, and in the past we ranked some of the top parks in the world -- but with our small staff and very limited resources it's difficult enough to cover the American parks.

That said, expanding our coverage to other nation's parks is definitely in our plans down the road.

Kurt, et al, no matter where your readers come from, they'll always find something good to read.

Thanks for all your work!  Any day I can't check out Traveler is a day I have to suffer pangs of withdrawl.

By the way, what language does Captcha use?  It's Greek to me . . . .

You have to wonder if they understand all the commentary that goes on here.  I don't, and I've been to many of the various units.  Still, it's good for the NPS and this site that foreigners are viewing this site. 

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