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Claw and Horn In Yellowstone


Due to possible copyright issues, we've taken down the photo of the bison being chased by a grizzly in Yellowstone National Park.

When the photo originally came to our attention, we contacted park officials and they had no concrete information as to who took the photo. As one commenter noted earlier today, the photo was taken by Duke Wypyszinski, a contract employee who worked at the Old Faithful Post Office.

We have tried to contact the Yellowstone Co-op Employee Recreation Program to reach Mr. Wypyszinki to hear his account for how he took the photo, and to gain permission from the cooperative, which holds the copyright, according to their website.

If we can get permission to post the photo, we will. In the meantime, you can view it at this site.

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You can see the pictures at this site. Very cool pictures.


I found the info you seek on who took the photo plus many more photos taken including his story of the event.

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