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Watch Your Step....

George Fiske
Sunday, May 2, 2010

This is not something you're likely to see these days in Yosemite National Park. These two ladies -- Kitty Tatch and a friend -- were photographed in the 1890s by George Fiske while they were dancing, or at least pretending to dance, on the overhanging rock at Glacier Point.

The original image was one of a number that the Yosemite Museum in the park recently donated to the Mariposa County Library’s Photo Heritage series. You can see the rest of the photographs at this site.

Is there any way to "click off" this photo? It is blocking the article on the Florida panthers, so I can't read it?

It shouldn't be blocking the panther story, Steve. If it is, your browser settings might be off. A way to get around it is to click on the headline of the panther story. That will open the story on a separate page.

The picture on the link are awesome. I thought the one of Roosevelt on horseback is worth looking at. Thank you for the pictures.

Dave, I liked the Roosevelt shot, as well. Wish Muir was more recognizable.

Regarding folks with image problems, as noted by Steve above, if you have the latest version of Internet Explorer, you likely can solve the problem by clicking on the "compatibility view" button under the icon "view pages."

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