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Sunrise at Bryce Canyon

Sunrise at Bryce Canyon; Marion Littlefield photographer.
Marion Littlefield
Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bryce Canyon is in Marion Littlefield's backyard, which provides him plenty of opportunity to capture the park's many moods. In this photo, he's caught the early morning light from a sunrise late in September.

Beautiful photograph... exquisite light and composition. Makes my soul scream to be there...

Beautiful work Mr. Littlefield, I have visted there several times..ever changing..step back in time, when life was so simple or was it? Even then it was about making the best of what you have. Look forward to more photographs.

Thanks for the comment.
I have lived here all my life and really am just now growing to appriciate the beauty of my surroundings now that I have invested much money and time into photography.

If you are interested in seeing more photos I would invite you to look at: Some good and some not so great photos.
I'm still learning. Still think every photo I take should be perfect.

Don't be too hard on yourself Marion. Even the acknowledged best of the best, photogs who employ with and free-lance for National Geographic, Nature, Smithsonian and the like, can't make every shot perfect. For every one the makes publication there are literally DOZENS that end up in the round file. Perfection is a noble goal towards which to reach, but in reality, too many times unattainable. But by setting your sights lower, you'll never reach your full potential. Your lack of satisfaction is noteworthy, but then again, so is this shot!!

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