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Shocking Photo From Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Lighting strike, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, copyright Costa Dillon
Costa Dillon
Monday, July 4, 2011

Sometimes being in the right place at the right time is the key to a great photo. Costa Dillon, the superintendent of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, captured this striking image during a recent day on the lakeshore.

"Just lucky," he replied when asked how he captured the shot. "Stood on the shore and took a series of photos hoping there would be a lightning strike while I was shooting. Next to last shot before I left."

Editor's note: This photo is not NPS property and not in the public domain. All rights reserved.


Fantastic photo.  Beauty in the fury.

REAL GREEN ENERGY :).   Wonder if there was a fish kill in this strike.

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