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A Backcountry Jewel

Kurt Repanshek
Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Imperial Geyser doesn't garner the acclaim of Yellowstone National Park's more renowned front-country geysers, such as Old Faithful, Grand or Castle, but it's worth a visit.

Located off the Fairy Falls Trail, the geyser was "discovered" in 1927, named through a contest involving the National Editorial Association, and was thought to have one of the greatest discharges of water per eruption at roughly 878,000 gallons.

Though Imperial went dormant from September 1929 until August 1966, it's still spouting these days, though probably not much more than 25-30 feet in height.

Hi Kurt!

Just got back from the house in Montana and so I just saw your picture of Imperial Geyser, it sure is a beauty! We are so excited because Dave made the 2013 Yellowstone Association's Calendar again and this time, his photo of Imperial Geyser is featured for the month of May!


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