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Resources For Visiting Capitol Reef

This is where you can find websites, helpful phone numbers, friends groups and cooperating associations, and, sometimes, books related to the park.

Capitol Reef National Park:

For park information by mail, please write to:

Information Packet Request
Capitol Reef National Park
HC 70 Box 15
Torrey, UT 84775

Please provide your complete mailing address and the type of information you would like to receive. You may download trip planners and other brochures from this website.

For park information by phone, call:

(435) 425-3791 ext. 4111
Fax requests to: (435) 425-3026

Entrance Fees

The following entrance fees are charged for traveling the park's Scenic Drive beyond the Fruita Campground.

Individuals: $3 (Good for 7 days)

This fee applies to bicycles and pedestrians (per person).

Vehicles: $5 (Good for 7 days)

This fee applies to private vehicles, including motorcycles.

Commercial Tours: This fee is based on the seating capacity of the vehicle.

Vehicles with a seating capacity of 26 seats or greater: $100

Vehicles with a seating capacity of 7 - 25 seats: $40

Vehicles with a seating capacity of 1 - 6 seats: $30

Entrance Fee Waivers: Fee waivers are available for groups traveling the Scenic Drive for educational purposes. Fee waiver requests must be submitted two weeks prior to your visit. Qualifications for fee waivers can be found on the Fee Waiver Application. If you have any questions, please contact the Fee Office during normal business hours at (435) 425-3791.

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Friends Organizations and Cooperating Associations

Capitol Reef Natural History Association provides additional information about Capitol Reef National Park and the Colorado Plateau. The association operates the Fruita Visitor Center bookstore, which carries a variety of maps, books, videos, posters, and postcards.

This non-profit cooperating association also operates a sales outlet at the historic Gifford Farmhouse during the summer season, offering unique handmade pioneer-era items that reflect the park's cultural heritage, as well as locally-baked fruit pies and home made ice cream.






Helpful Books


Capitol Reef National Park, The Complete Hiking and Touring Guide

This expansive book is more than just a hiking guide. The author is Rick Stinchfield, who with his wife has spent roughly three months a year each year for the past six years volunteering and living in the park. As a result, they've had time to explore, and what they've discovered is laid out in fine detail. From hiking to vegetation to fauna and backroads, you'll find it within the covers.

Stars Above, Earth Below, A Guide To Astronomy In the National Parks

Add Stars Above, Earth Below, a Guide to Astronomy in the National Parks to your library and you'll not only gain a better appreciation of the dark skies over national parks, but you'll also be better informed on the stars twinkling at you.

Common Southwestern Plants, An Identification Guide

Anyone who spends time hiking in the national parks of the Southwest needs a good plant identification book. And Common Southwestern Native Plants, An Identification Guide, is one of those books.

Desert Solitaire

Taken as a whole, the book documents Edward Abbey's love affair with the desert country near Moab, Utah. Through his words we see the whole landscape, from the very small (birds, snakes, rabbits and mice that live in and near his trailer), to the very large (mountain tops, mesas, and canyons). But, for as beautiful a picture as he paints, he cautions the reader in the book's introduction, this landscape is disappearing fast.


Capitol Reef National Park

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