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Yellowstone National Park

Migrating Raptor Program At Yellowstone National Park This Weekend

If you're in Yellowstone National Park this Sunday, swing by the Hayden Valley to watch for migrating hawks with help from Katy Duffy, a raptor specialist who volunteers her efforts. The Hayden Valley Hawk Watch is a great opportunity to watch and learn about raptors, their ecology, and their migration strategies.

Stephen Mather's Ghost: Revisiting The Consensus For National Parks

For nearly a century, a popular story has linked the origins of the National Park Service to the genius of one man. In 1914, Stephen T. Mather, a self-made millionaire in the borax industry, visited Yosemite and Sequoia national parks. Finding both of them poorly managed he wrote Secretary of the Interior Franklin K. Lane and complained. “Dear Steve,” Lane allegedly replied, “If you don’t like the way the national parks are being run, come on down to Washington and run them yourself.”

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