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Richmond National Battlefield Parks

Academy Award Video Feature / Richmond's Starring Role in Lincoln—A Video Tour Of Oscar-Quality Locations

Daniel Day-Lewis turned in an Oscar Award-winning performance as Lincoln, but Richmond Virginia’s supporting role as the location where Lincoln was filmed will also wow the crowds. Take this short video tour that showcases Spielberg’s Richmond sets for insight into Lincoln the movie, and Lincoln the man.

Discriminating Explorer: Richmond, Virginia—An Epicenter Of Civil War Sesquicentennial Travel

Surrounded by battlefield parks, Richmond’s history transcends any single Civil War anniversary you might try to coincide with. Best plan—get to Richmond when the getting’s good and there’s more than enough to see and do to turn a “national park vacation” into a true historical travel experience.

Following The Film Lincoln Around Richmond: How One Surprising City Dominates The New Spielberg Blockbuster

If you’re about to see the new movie Lincoln—you’ll be seeing a lot of Richmond, Virginia. Virtually the entire movie was filmed there. Take "Lincoln: The Movie Trail" and trace the film's locations for truly exciting insight into the Civil War, Richmond, and Steven Spielberg's new blockbuster.

Richmond Battlefields Plan Events Into July That Offer Innovative Insight Into “150 Years Ago”

The Seven Days Battles anniversary around Richmond boasts an amazing array of not-to-be-missed events including exploring battlefields at Gaines’ Mill, Glendale, and Malvern Hill that are not regularly open to the public and unique presentations that blend living history and National Park Service (NPS) ranger-led storytelling on the dates. 

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