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Mount Rainier National Park

Photography In The National Parks: An Armchair Photography Guide To Mount Rainier National Park – Part 1: Sunrise

After completing a couple of articles using photos from my early July trip to Mount Rainier National Park, I realized I'd amassed enough material for another Armchair Photography Guide, with the caveat that I haven't made it to all the stops nor through all the trails in this 369-square-mile national park. I do, however, have enough information to get you started on capturing your own great images during a visit to Mount Rainier.

Photography In The National Parks: Focus On More Than Just The Mountain

Mount Rainier National Park in July is the perfect time of year, not only for mountain shots but also for wildflower, "silky water," moon and star, and forest interior photography. Contributing photographer Rebecca Latson recently returned from a trip to this national park and has tips on how to get the most out of your photography up there.

Ranger From Mount Rainier National Park Honored With Harry Yount Award

Geoff Walker from Mount Rainier National Park is the recipient of the annual Harry Yount National Park Ranger Award, one of the National Park Service’s most prestigious honors. Walker received his award at a ceremony in Washington, D.C., sponsored by the National Park Foundation, the official charitable partner of the National Park Service.

Photography In The National Parks: Favorites For Each Season

It goes without saying that everyone has one or more favorite seasons during which they like to visit their favorite national park. Having visited a number of national parks, herself, photographer Rebecca Latson lists her favorites during each season of the year and encourages you to take your cameras out to these parks during those same seasons.

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