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Mount Rainier National Park

Photography In The National Parks: My Favorite Photos Of 2016

The new year is a time to reflect on events and photos from the previous year. How did you fare photographically for 2016? Do you have any particular favorite images? Why are they your favorites? After reviewing 2016, photographer Rebecca Latson presents her favorite images captured during that year with an explanation of why she likes each one, including camera settings, accessories used, and reasons for photographing the image.

Photography In The National Parks: Focus On The Eyes, Focus On The Light

Have you ever experienced frustration at not getting a clear head shot of wildlife during your national park visit? Have you ever experienced frustration at not being able to capture that perfect, luminous shot of a forest interior? What do these two items even have in common? Focus! Photographer Rebecca Latson explains how focusing on the eyes and focusing on the light can help you achieve great images of wildlife or forest interiors during your next national park photographic foray.

Photography In The National Parks: Don’t Let A Little Bad Weather Stop You

Don't let a little bad weather keep you from getting wonderful images of a national park. With the right gear and mindset, you can capture great shots in the rain and fog and notice aspects of a scene you might have otherwise neglected if the sun was shining. Photographer Rebecca Latson managed to do just that during her recent visit to Mount Rainier National Park.

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