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Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lesser Known Parks To Paddle

Has anyone not heard that the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park is one of the best places on Earth to paddle or float? Or that the New River Gorge National River has one of the best one-day whitewater paddles in the National Park System? If you’ve heard of those, and other iconic paddling spots in the park system, perhaps you are looking for something new, and not so thick with other boats that you’ll slap each other’s paddles. Let us offer you some suggestions, in no specific order.

Rangers Rescue Pair Reported Trapped In Old Mine Near Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Abandoned mine tunnels and shafts are dangerous places for lots of reasons, so when park officials at Lake Mead National Recreation Area received a call that two people were trapped in an old mine off Northshore Road, there was ample cause for concern. Personnel from several agencies responded, but soon realized this was a rescue with an unusual twist.

Two Trails At Lake Mead National Recreation Area Closed During Scorching Summer Season

After repeated problems with hikers failing to heed warnings about dangerous summer heat, officials at Lake Mead National Recreation Area are closing two trails until early September. A temporary emergency closure will go into effect on May 29 for the Goldstrike Canyon and Arizona Hot Spring Trails in an effort to prevent additional injuries and fatalities.

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