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Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park Wants Volunteers To Help Patrol String Lake Area

The popular String Lake area of Grand Teton National Park has experienced extremely high visitation levels in recent weeks and the trend is expected to continue. String Lake, located north of Jenny Lake, is easily accessible, hosts a scenic lakeshore and provides water recreation, hiking and picnic opportunities.

Grand Teton National Park's Sixth Annual Plein Air Event To Benefit Park Programs

Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming will serve as both the location and inspiration for the sixth annual Plein Air for the Park fine art exhibition. Grand Teton Association, Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters, and Grand Teton National Park are welcoming 40 professional artists from across the United States to capture the spectacular Teton landscape, wildlife, and wildflowers on canvas.

Fellowship Will Allow Wildlife Biologist To Study Bison And Songbirds In Yellowstone

Grazing bison are nature's lawn mowers, closely cropping the grasses and forbs in national parks such as Yellowstone, Grand Teton, and Wind Cave. Beyond gaining a meal, they also might inadvertently be improving songbird habitat, and Danielle Fagre hopes to be able to quantify that possibility.

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