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Biscayne National Park

Boating Industry Aims To Block Marine Reserve At Biscayne National Park

A congressional effort has been launched to block a plan by Biscayne National Park officials to set aside 6 percent of the park for a marine reserve in a bid to restore and protect a stretch of the only tropical coral reef system in the continental United States, and the boating and fishing industry has quickly jumped on board in support of the legislation.

New Research Shows Threats To Coral Reefs The World Over

At Biscayne National Park in Florida, staff are working to preserve 10,502 underwater acres in a bid to protect the only tropical coral reef in the continental United States, but it's not an easy task. Politics aside, one of the longest and largest studies of coral reef health ever undertaken finds that corals are declining worldwide because a variety of threats -- overfishing, nutrient pollution and pathogenic disease -- that ultimately become deadly in the face of higher ocean temperatures.

'Not A Pretty Picture': Biscayne National Park Works To Remove Underwater Debris

As Vanessa McDonough scanned the ocean floor off the South Florida coast, she spotted an empty beer bottle among the fish, corals, and sponges protected by Biscayne National Park. Only the bottle wasn’t empty. Upon closer examination, a small fish had swam inside, and pebbles and shells had blocked the exit. “The poor fish was a prisoner in this Corona bottle,” she said.

UPDATED: Biscayne National Park Threatened By Discharge Waters From Nuclear Reactors

Waters discharged from the Turkey Point nuclear power plant in Florida are contaminating Biscayne Bay and pose a threat to Biscayne National Park, according to studies commissioned by the state of Florida.
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National Park Service Developing New Guidelines For Resource Stewardship

There is a collision, perhaps in slow motion, involving the National Park System. It's a collision of technology, of surrounding growth, of generational differences in how to experience nature. For the sake of the parks, how the National Park Service reacts to that collision arguably is more critical now than ever before in the first 100 years of the agency.

Boat Tours To Boca Chita Key At Biscayne National Park

Just in time for winter and spring break, island boat tours to Boca Chita Key in Biscayne National Park are expanding thanks to a partnership between the City of Homestead, Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department, the National Parks Conservation Association, the Florida National Parks Association and the National Park Service.

Conservationists Divided Over Proposed Everglades National Park Land Swap With Florida Power And Light

A proposal by the National Park Service to swap some land at Everglades National Park with a utility company looking to build a transmission line corridor is dividing conservationists over whether it will benefit or harm the national park.

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