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Big Bend National Park

Photography In The National Parks: The Great Rewards Of Lowered Expectations

When you and your camera visit a national park known for its vista or wildlife, you tend to carry with you some pretty high expectations of framing in your viewfinder that perfect shot of a bear or wolf. Sometimes, though, you might not see what you hoped to see. What then? Photographer Rebecca Latson urges you to lower those expectations just a little bit and focus on other things within that national park, and ultimately you will come away with some great imagery despite those dashed expectations.

The Hour Of Land: A Personal Topography Of America’s National Parks

Anyone who has heard Terry Tempest Williams speak or who has read her writing knows how personal her approach is to her subject, thus the “personal topography” of the subtitle of this book. Visits to 12 units of the National Park System, including seven national parks, two national monuments, a national military park, national seashore, and national recreation area, provide grist for her exploration of this topography and a sampling of different elements of the system.

Photography In The National Parks: Don’t Forget To Pack Your Flash Or Reflector For Some Fill Light

What if you want to clearly capture a plant or tree or person in the foreground of some shaded or backlit vista within a national park? What if you spy a gorgeous flower or unusual plant, and the inside of the flower or the plant’s stems or leaves are deeply shaded? Photographer Rebecca Latson describes a couple of techniques used to lighten up your subject within a less-than-well-lit venue.

Photography In The National Parks: Prime Time In The National Parks

If you have limited luggage space when traveling to a national park, you are more than likely going to pack along a zoom lens or two. But, wait. Leave one of those zooms home and bring along a prime lens instead. Photographer Rebecca Latson demonstrates the advantage of bring along a fixed-focus lens or two in her most recent Photography In The National Parks article.

Photography In The National Parks: Of Dark Skies And Starry Nights In Big Bend National Park

The vast, clear sky at Big Bend National Park is the perfect setting for stargazing, star photography, and the Dark Sky Dinner hosted by the Big Bend Conservancy. Contributing photographer Rebecca Latson was lucky enough to have a seat at the dinner table, returning with a report of the dinner as well as some tips for your own national park dark sky photography.

Birding In The National Parks: Parks Strangely Overlooked By Birders

I’ve talked at length about the best parks for birds and the parks where all the birders go. Everglades National Park usually tops that list. Big Bend and Acadia are also extremely popular birding parks. But which of the 59 national parks gets the least birding attention? That’s tough to quantify, but I’ve made an educated guess from perusing eBird data.

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