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Photography In The National Parks: The Armchair Photography Guide to Mount Rainier National Park – Part 4: Longmire

If you've been following along with contributing photographer Rebecca Latson's Armchair Photography Guide of Mount Rainier National Park, then you'll have read Parts 1 through 3, which took you through a photo odyssey of Mount Rainier National Park via Sunrise (Part 1), then along the route to Paradise including Stevens Canyon Road (Part 2), and within the Paradise area, itself (Part 3). This final Part 4 will lead you down the road from Paradise to Longmire and on toward the park’s Nisqually entrance for the culmination of a photographic jaunt filled with locations, camera tips, gear advice, and techniques to help you capture your own images without having to expend a great amount of energy for those of you who aren't able to or don't wish to venture too far into the backcountry.

House Natural Resources Committee Attacks Patagonia

It's no secret that U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop dislikes The Antiquities Act and was thrilled to see President Trump move to dismantle the Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante national monuments in Utah. So it shouldn't be a great surprise that the House Natural Resources Committee that he chairs has publicly attacked Patagonia, which opposes the president's move.

Visiting Skidoo In Death Valley National Park

The history of Death Valley is intimately connected with the California gold rush and dreams of striking it big. Today, the National Park Service protects many of these early mining sites allowing us to catch a glimpse of a bygone era. In this fourth episode of Death Valley Explorer, discover how miners extracted gold at the Skidoo stamp mill, the largest water powered stamp mill in the Mojave Desert.