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National Parks Traveler's Appeal

Are you reaching your audience via Google, Yahoo!, or Facebook?

Let National Parks Traveler connect you with your audience through a dedicated channel that reaches lovers of the outdoors and national parks.


National Parks Traveler is an online site dedicated to independent editorial coverage of America’s National Park System and the National Park Service. 

Each day of the year the Traveler offers readers original news and feature content, as well as forums for discussion, through words, images, and multimedia presentations. There is nowhere else that all of this information is presented in one place for those interested in our national parks. 

The Traveler is not a static site built around park statistics and trail descriptions, and is not travelogue or site that aggregates and collects other's content. It's a unique collection of information presented on the highest ranked, editorially independent site covering the parks, reaching ~ 1.5 million readers a year, and growing fast. Our Facebook audience has grown from 12,115 on January 1, 2014, to 100,000 on May 5, 2014, and is growing at better than 1,000 a day. Readers are hungry for our content.

What is National Parks Traveler? is an internet-based web resource published daily by National Parks Advocate, an LLC based in Park City, Utah

  • Internet content updated on a daily basis, year-round
  • An online publishing company, producing specialty publications, resource guides, and eBooks
  • Essential Park guides: These quarterly on-line publications feature the beauty of our National Park System in four seasons and offer readers features on specific parks, activities, and issues
  • Offering HD video content as part of our multimedia convergence.
  • Traveler takes a multi-platform approach with its content, as more visitors are receiving their information digitally via their Kindles, Nooks, iPads, and smartphones. It's an immediate, efficient, and inexpensive, way of presenting information. 
  • Our editors, photographers, writers and videographers are professionals with decades of experience in the editorial, publishing, and advertising industries
  • Custom content: Working with gateway communities, concessionaires, and park-dependent businesses, our writers and photographers can create custom content that will inform, educate, and present recreational opportunities to visitors. This can take the form of an insert into traditional magazines, stand-alone in-room publications, or digitally delivered content, specifically showcasing commercial guides, tour operators, and concessionaires. 
  • Corporate Underwriting: Equipment manufacturers and automobile companies have the opportunity to underwrite Traveler, showcasing their products to potential clients that self-select their interest in travel, the outdoors, recreation, and leisure. 
  • Social Media: Traveler is also a presence on social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook, where personal recommendations influence buying decisions.


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National Parks Traveler's Essential Park Guide