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National Park Quiz Week Quiz #3 Revealed: Silly Synonyms Solved

National Park Week Quiz #3 required you to identify the national parks indicated by any 10 of 13 listed “silly synonym” phrases. Here are the solutions for all 13:

prismatic span = Rainbow Bridge National Monument

stone brook = Rock Creek Park

howling canine bunker = Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts

glittering fastener = Golden Spike National Historic Site

large perforation = Big Hole National Battlefield

cattle containers = Cowpens National Battlefield

princess-botherer crest = Pea Ridge National Military Park

royal peak = Kings Mountain National Military Park

explorer's classic ride = De Soto National Memorial

stylized piles = Effigy Mounds National Monument

deprivation indication = Poverty Point National Monument

tube leap = Pipe Spring National Monument

sleeveless garment food fish = Cape Cod National Seashore

Kudos to the Traveler readers who solved this one: EEW, celbert, OutInTheStiks, tomp2, Eric Nelson, JanetInKY, desk-bound parky, toothdoctor, viewmtn, and Eric. All are eligible for Traveler’s National Park Week prize drawing and a chance to win a National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map for the national park of their choice.

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