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National Park Mystery Spot 34: Focusing Too Much on the Details

Mystery Spot 34 is a natural feature located in a national park that is not one of the 58 National Park-designated units of the National Park System.  Can you identify it from the clues provided below?*  The first five readers submitting correct answers will be eligible for our monthly prize drawing.

Kate's highborn mate has a balding pate.

If details are all you glean, the overall pattern may not be seen.

This water body bears the same name as a g-man school of enduring fame.


Bonus clue, no extra charge: Where do you find yourself when you become hopelessly stuck in a sorry situation and you don't even possess a bladed implement of the appropriate design? 

To correctly answer this puzzler you must provide two pieces of information -- the name of the natural feature and the name of the national park in which it is located.

We'll reveal the answer and explain the clues in tomorrow's Traveler.

No cheating! If we catch you Googling or engaged in sneakery of any description, we'll make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: "Antidisestablishmentarianism, the doctrine or political position that opposes the withdrawal of state recognition of an established church (used especially with reference to  England's Anglican Church), should not be confused with disestablishmentarianism, which denotes opposition to an established order, especially state support of an established church."


DStaniforth has nailed this one on the button, right out of the blocks.  Good job.

Kudos to La. Hardware Man, who not only nailed it, but thanked me for posting an "easy one."  You're welcome. That makes two.

Right on the button, Eric.  Nicely done. 

Aron has put it all together.  Nicely done. That makes four so far.

Eric Nelson has also solved it  (to nobody's surprise). Good work. That makes five so far.

Kudos to viewmtn, who checked in with the correct answer, opined that this is an easy one,  and lamented the fact that he didn't make the first-five cutoff for prize drawing eligibility.
But remember, folks, readers who are among the first five to correctly answer any of the mystery spot or mystery photo puzzles in a particular month are eligible for that month's prize drawing. There will normally be at least two mystery spot puzzles and two mystery photo puzzles each month, so that's at least four opportunities to qualify for the monthly random drawing.

Good going, ILoveRoadTrips. That's seven and still counting. Who's next?

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