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National Park Mystery Photo 43 Revealed: No Smoking!

Powder kegs at Fort Scott National Historic Site. Bob Janiskee photo.

This mystery photo shows powder kegs in the powder magazine at Fort Scott National Historic Site in eastern Kansas.

Fort Scott's small, sturdily-built powder magazine is one of nearly two dozen historic structures in the park.  The magazine was built in 1844 specifically to store black powder and other explosives.  Kegs like the empty ones exhibited here were used to transport and store black powder for military use until the 1870s. 

Five Traveler readers ID-ed the mystery photo: Eric, Eric Nelson, ed-123, richp39, and Lisa from Wichita KS. All are eligible for the monthly prize drawing.


Perhaps Rangerlady could check in ICMS to see just how many NPS units have "Powder Keg" in their accessioned inventory?  I tried using the public interface and could find "powder keg" when searching Bent's Old Fort, but got no hits when searching "powder keg" for all sites, and only a few units have their accessions on the public-facing server.

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