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National Park Mystery Photo 38: Not an Ordinary Donkey

This little guy -- or is it a gal? -- gets stared at a lot.

What makes this little donkey so special? Where in the National Park System can you see it on display?

Check back with Traveler tomorrow for the answer and pertinent information.


The only thing I can think of is Brighty of the Grand Canyon, but I don't remember seeing that anywhere and it certainly doesn't look like the statue at the North Rim.

Good thinking, Ranger Lady, but, unfortunately, incorrect...

I also connected the Donkey image to the Grand Canyon in particular and possibly someplace in the SW.  Brighty is long gone (sad way Brighty went) but the connection for many with Donkeys/Mules and Grand Canyon NP is alive even with the elimination of the Donkeys and reduced opportunities for visitors to experience the Mule Ride into the Canyon.  
I was just taken by the immediate first thoughts that both I and Ranger Lady had on first look at the image.    

I decided to do a Google image search to see if I could find this. I typed in "Donkey" and "National Park" and up came a picture of Jon Jarvis. I don't think I like google

This appears to be coral, so i'm guessing Virgin Islands National Park

Hmmm, an interesting guess ed-123, but wrong.;-)

My guess is Yellowstone.  I remember hearing about people throwing their toys into something, which caused it to be covered in hard surface.  Need help filling in the blanks in my memory.

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