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Frequently Asked Questions

Is National Parks Traveler associated with the National Park Service?

No, while the Traveler supports the mission of the Park Service, it is in no way affiliated or associated with the National Park Service. The website is operated by National Park Advocates, LLC.

Does the Traveler provide any travel-related information to the National Park System?

Yes, the Traveler has a growing number of Essential Park Guide pages that serve as online guides to units of the park system. These guides typically include an overview of the park in question and provides information on the park's history, wildlife, hiking, lodging, and camping opportunities. These pages are "living guides," as we update them from time to time. You can find these pages here.

Can the Traveler answer questions about the parks?

We do invite questions on the parks and how to enjoy them via our Contact Page and try to answer them as quickly as possible. However, we do not provide answers for students working on school papers, and cannot guarantee that we can respond to last-minute requests about whether park facilities are open.

Who do we contact with story suggestions?

You can reach the staff via our Contact Page.

How can we find information or stories on a particular park?

While the Traveler does offer a search function, there are other ways to find stories on a specific park. The easiest way would be to visit our "park pages" and click on the park you're interested in. That will bring up all the latest stories we've written on that particular park. We also offer the ability to search our archives by date.

Does the Traveler accept reader photographs?

The Traveler maintains a flickr page for national park photographs, and invites readers to add their own to the collection. Please read the group rules, as we reserve the right to use photographs placed on the flickr page on the Traveler website. If we do use a photograph, we clearly credit the photographer.

Does the Traveler have a Facebook page?

Yes, it can be found here.

Can we follow the Traveler on Twitter?

Yes, @ParksTraveler

Does the Traveler accept submissions from writers and photographers?

The Traveler is willing to consider editorial submissions from both writers and photographers, but currently does not have a budget to pay for content. Please use our Contact Page if you're interested in contributing content.

Can we copy content -- stories, photographs, podcasts, videos -- from the Traveler for our own websites, to share via Pinterest, or for other purposes, commercial or non-commercial?

No, all content on the Traveler is copyrighted. If you wish to use some of our content, please Contact Us for permission.

Does the Traveler have a print version?

The Traveler on occasion makes available print-ready PDFs on select topics, but does not regularly publish a print version.

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